Storytelling has always been my passion. Throughout my career, I learned about the different techniques of story creation and how to write a compelling and heart-grabbing piece. I strive to create content that inform people about different topics or stories that I felt needed to be heard. 
I've written articles and stories that were published in various magazines and websites. The scripts for all the videos included here in my portfolio have also been researched and written by me. Below is a small selection of my work from recent years.    


Modern day Tibet is nothing like you think! Tibet is no longer isolated from the rest of the world but rather a more connected region, thanks to the great results in socio-economic development over the past six years…


Exclusive interview with UNDP China Country Director Agi Veres about Poverty Alleviation


The year 2021 marked the 30th anniversary of China-ASEAN dialogue relations. Despite the protracted pandemic, China-ASEAN cooperation continued strengthening with fruitful results in multiple areas…

Alice in Wonderland

Born in 1994 to an upper-middle class family in Beng bu, Anhui, Gao said that throughout her childhood she never met the expectations of her father, a glove factory owner who thought a girl should always be compliant and well-behaved…

nursing apartments: the LATEST trend for cHINESE seniors

Nursing apartments are becoming a trend among seniors in China’s capital, Beijing. Surrounded by convenient transportation and health care institutions, this new senior lifestyle has attracted many elderly to enjoy the rest of their lives with better services…


The Chinese capital, like other cities far from the epidemic’s center, has imposed restrictions and shut down public spaces, in a bid to control the spread of coronavirus but what’s it like for those expats living under the lockdown?

It’s been almost a month since Wuhan, a city of 11 million people in central China, was placed under quarantine…

Web Content Writing:

Hermix Food Equipment Group Limited

Content writing (incl. SEO keyword research & optimization) for Homepage, About Us, Business Type, Kitchen Equipment, Services, Our Clients, and 3 other pages.

Hermix was incorporated on 29-AUG-2017 in Hong Kong. Their business is recorded as Private company limited by shares. (Keep in mind that they may have changed/updated their content since I worked on their project)

China Report ASEAN

Consulting, setting up website, polishing and proofreading the website content, and managing their blog posts and social media accounts.

A national-level foreign communication platform of China. Affiliated with China Report Press, and China International Publishing Group (CIPG). (Keep in mind that they may have changed/updated their content since I worked on their project)

Video Scriptwriting:

Goldwind Introductory Corporate Video 2020

My collabration with Goldwind, a Chinese multinational wind turbine manufacturer headquartered in Beijing.

A Pawfect Spot for Rescue Pets in Beijing

My collaboration with Vettina, a rescue pet cafe in Beijing.

Peking Opera Live Show

My collaboration with CGTN and China National Peking Opera Company. I worked with the interpreter on restructuring and rewriting the script for the live broadcast, co-hosted the event, and created an on-the-spot report for China Report ASEAN.

Easing the job market pressure on Fresh Grads

In the coming two months, 8.74 million students in China are set to graduate from college, 400,000 more than last year. As the record high of graduates has put the job market under pressure, the country has fleshed out easing measures to enlarge the employment pool as much as possible.

China Bans Online Sales of E-Cigarettes

China has banned online sales of e-cigarettes and flavored vaping products in the latest blow for the nascent vaping industry. Many netizens see the ban as the right response to what health officials call an “epidemic” of e-cigarette use by teenagers. Do you think banning e-cigarettes is the right solution to the vaping crisis? or will it backfire?

Macao hosts a World Heritage listing anniversary-fest

In celebration of the 15th anniversary of the inscription of the “Historic Centre of Macao” on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) hosted an anniversary carnival that kicked off last week, featuring a great variety of activities such as singing and dance performances, special game booths, thematic exhibitions, workshops, and the sale of cultural and creative products.

How 5G Transformed Healthcare 

Chinese 5G, which has just been commercialized, played an important role in the epidemic prevention and control. Since the beginning of the epidemic, the country has seen faster and more extensive use of 5G in different areas of medical care such as, Telemedicine, Mobile Emergency Rooms, and Virtual Surgeries.

Digital Currency

The digital yuan is undergoing trial runs across China, and if nationally launched, could be the world’s first sovereign digital currency. Here’s everything you need to know about China’s digital Renminbi (RMB).

Qingdao Sea Turns Green Amid Worst Algae Bloom in Decades

Qingdao is swamped with its worst ever algae infestation in decades. Often regarded as one of the most beautiful and clean cities in China, the algae bloom has now overwhelmed the city’s normally golden beaches, turning the Yellow Sea green and endangering other organisms in the local marine ecosystem.

Scripts for animated Videos:

Cashless in China

In this entertaining yet informative video, I simplified the idea of “e-payment” and how did China become a cashless society. (script and graphics by me)

China’s Space Missions

In this video, I talked about China’s space program and future, the language used in the video was set to address the average audience. (script and graphics by me)

Poverty alleviation:

In the video, I explained how the year 2020 marked a “milestone” for China’s journey to meet its poverty alleviation targets. (script and graphics by me)

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