Video Editing

Though my experience in videography and video editing is fairly limited as of now, I intend to dig into this medium a little deeper to broaden my skill set and further uncover the joy of storytelling through motion media. Below is a small selection of my work from recent years.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

I edited this promotional video for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. (Stock footage+ media reports)
I filmed and edited this short clip using my iPhone, it was part of a collaboration with Jiangsu Tourism Bureau.

I made this short video out of stock footage that I collected from different sources, to capture the essence of Chinese culture.
This was a part of a special video series shot in Xinjiang (Scripted, hosted and edited by me)
This was a part of a weekly video series called “Did you Know”. (Researched and edited by me)
This was a part of a video series under “I’m in China with Wafaa” (Scripted, hosted and edited by me)